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2023 Spanish Soccer Experience
Friday, June 23 - Saturday, July 1, 2023
8v8 | U10 & U12 | 11v11 | U14, U16 & U19
7v7| U12 & U14 
11v11| U19 & Senior
ISD organizes and operates quality, organized soccer trips to international destinations! We arrange sightseeing, soccer training and tournament (or friendlies) for soccer players, clubs, teams, coaches and soccer enthusiasts.
What's Included?
  • An American company that partners with great people and is passionate about soccer experiences.

  • Play games at appropriate levels with suitable opposition and qualified referees.

  • Itineraries which can include playing and or attending soccer matches, international matches, or other high-profile games.

  • Suggested cultural excursions, and places of significant historical and cultural importance to visit.

  • Expertly planned sightseeing and fun activities while on your soccer tour

  • Post-game socials and intercultural exchange with opposing teams, when available.

  • Training sessions with quality trainers.

  • Local accommodation, meals, etc.

  • We listen to what you want and include your input into every itinerary, offering advice and suggestions.

  • Quality motor coaches suitable for touring teams and supporters.

  • Medals, and trophies for each team.

Ready to Join Us?
We are accepting 
Boys & Girls Teams Now!
8v8 | U10 & U12 | 11v11 | U14, U16 & U19
7v7| U12 & U14 
11v11| U19 & Senior
Trip Cost*
$1,350 per player
$1,250 per spectator (3 years old and over)
*Price does not include airfare!
Night 1 | Fri, June 23
Fly to Spain
Depart on an overnight flight to Santander Airport. Flights available along East Coast.
Day 1 | Sat, June 24
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Welcome to Spain
Arrive at Santander Airport, picked up by
motor coach and taken to your hotel.
Day 2 | Sun, June 25
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Opening Ceremony & Group Games
Celebrate the opening of the tournament with the other teams and play your first match!
Day 3 | Mon, June 26
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Group Stage Matches
Continue playing in group stage matches.
Day 4 | Tues, July 27
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Keep on Playing
Finish Group games and playoffs!
Possible excursion for teams eliminated.
Day 5 | Wed, June 28
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Finals and Move to Oviedo, Spain
Finals for some groups.
Possible excursion for teams eliminated.
Day 6 | Thurs, June 29
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Full Day Tour & Training
Info coming soon...
Day 7 | Fri, June 30
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Full Day Tour & Training
Info coming soon...Tapa/Asturian Dinner Night
Day 8 | Sat, July 1
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Last Morning in Spain
Early drive to the airport for flights home.
Safe travels!
Your Home While in Gijon, Spain!
3 & 4 Star Hotel in Gijon
An ideal option that offers you the best quality. The hotels will be at least three stars and located in an area with easy access to the football fields. Full board accommodation, water included in all meals, and a few kilometers from the fields.
On Campus in Oviedo, Spain
Oviedo Aller Residences
A new residence that, in addition to amazing facilities in an idyllic environment, provides leisure.  Oviedo Aller is a brand new property made up of 317 stunning rooms, some of which we are even able to offer a private terrace just for you. Getting to training sessions is easy as we are situated near to the fields.
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