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Will You Be Our Next Success Story?

Players often ask us at ISD how to make the transition from amateur to professional soccer player in Europe. The answer is simple, impress a coach of a professional soccer team enough for them to want to sign you. The answer may be simple, but the process, is not. Professional Head Coaches are busy, and have large amounts of resumes, videos, recommendations sent to them each day and do not physically have the time to process them all.

That is why so many of them use a tryout as a vehicle to find untapped talent in Europe and the aim of impressing enough to be offered a professional contract and begin their soccer career.

At our soccer tryouts, players participate on the club preseason camp and will play friendly games so they can determine the ability of the tryout player and decide if he or she has the talent to become a professional player and fits their team system of play.

About ISD

About us is all about you. ISD is about our goal to make sure that you get a tryout with a Club and to make their playing roster on your first opportunity. We will look for every possible opportunities until we find the right match for you.

Our pro tryouts are directly with the club that you are trying to make their team roster for the upcoming season, we don’t showcase players in hope that they are chosen by a club.

We feel this is the most direct and fairest way to make a club roster.


Establish a Pro Soccer Career in Spain

Our opportunity to test yourself in Spain against professional opposition.

  • Sign a Contract or Trial with a Professional Spanish Club

  • Sign a Contract or Trial with a semi-Professional Spanish Club

  • Improve by Training with Professional Spanish Coaches

  • Get Experience competing against Professional Spanish Clubs


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