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International Soccer Dream is committed to helping young athletes realize their true potential. For players looking to advance their professional career we offer once in a lifetime Professional Tryout opportunities. 

ISD Professional Tryouts
  • Exposure to semi and professional level tryouts with multiple Spanish & Brazilian club teams.

  • We will put you in the right environment to be seen and show that you belong at the next level of soccer in the world.

  • We will monitor your development and move you to a more renowned club according to your progress during your tryout period.

  • This soccer program consists of a 15 day tryout period or longer.

  • Tryout players must start in lower divisions like Preferente or Regional before moving to the Professional tryouts. 

  • Spain and/or Brazil coordinator will determine and monitor the progress.

  • For soccer players participating in our semi and professional soccer tryout programs they will need to sign a representation agreement once we find a club interested in you.

  • Visa will be required if you do not have a EU Passport.

We were looking for a program in Spain that would allow our son to participate in a study abroad/futbol training program that didn’t cost a ridiculous amount of money. We researched extensively all possible programs. Oscar and his colleagues in Spain were able to customize a program that met all of our needs; futbol training,  school, home-life.  All of the members of ISD are highly professional, responsible, and direct.

Their intention is to develop, not deceive. And their main focus is to make sure our son was comfortable; emotionally, socially,  and physically. Only if a young person is comfortable can they begin to develop and excel.  And so far, such has been the case. It has been a very positive experience in every respect.

C. Lang

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